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Here are 2 books on my reading list right now

Run towards the danger by Sarah Polley

Polley is a director, film maker and actor who has been in the public eye since she was very young. She writes from the perspective of her present self reflecting back on her childish behaviour, naivety and resiliency of her past self in 6 essays. This book has helped me understand that no matter who we are, we experience similar challenges in life and overcome them together and become stronger as people and a community.


Paradise Lost by John Milton

John Milton was born on December 9th 1608 and was a servant to the english commonwealth. He was a poet and thinker that was influenced by the minds of greek philosophers like Aristotle, plato and socrates as well as religious myths and texts from practiced and taught by the Romans, Egyptians, Jews and Catholic populations predating his time. Paradise lost is 10,700 pages long and details the first disobedience of man. Speaks to the relationship between heaven and hell and the journey of the fallen angel through the turbulent chaos between heaven and hell. Although the poem is long, it offers insight into the relationship we can have to all religions as a whole.


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